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The Richard Jefferies Society publishes a Spring and an Autumn newsletter. The Annual report is incorporated into the Autumn edition. To download the documents - pdf format - right-click on the appropriate image and select 'save target as' from the menu. This instruction might vary if you use a different Internet browser e.g. "Save image as". Otherwise the newsletters can be sent as an attachment by email on request.

Spring - 2006

Download RJS News Spring 2006.pdf

Autumn 2006

Download ANLAR 2006.PDF

Spring - 2007

Download SNL2007.PDF

Autumn - 2007

Download Annual Report 2007.PDF

Spring 2008

Download RJS news Spring 2008.pdf

Autumn - 2008

Download RJS Annual Report 2008.PDF

Spring - 2009

Download RJS News Spring 09.PDF

Autumn 2009

Download RJS News Autumn 2009.pdf

Spring 2010

Download RJS News Spring 2010.pdf

Autumn - 2010

Download Autumn News 2010.pdf

Spring - 2011

Download RJS News Spring 2011.pdf

Autumn - 2011

Download RJS Autumn news 2011v2.pdf

Spring - 2012

Download RJS News Spring 2012.pdf

Autumn - 2012

Download ANLAR 2012.pdf

Spring - 2013

Download RJS News Spring 2013.pdf

Autumn - 2013

Download RJS newsletter autumn 2013.pdf

Spring - 2014

Download RJS News Spring 2014.pdf

Autumn - 2014

Download ANLAR 2014.pdf

Spring - 2015

Download RJS Spring 2015 web.pdf

Autumn - 2015

Download ANLAR 2015.pdf

Spring - 2016

Download RJS News Spring 2016.pdf

Autumn - 2016

Download ANLAR 2016.pdf

Spring - 2017

Download RJS News Spring 2017.pdf