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Talks and Articles

This page contains texts of lectures, talks and articles about Richard Jefferies where the contributors have given their permission for the works to be made available. All articles remain the copyright of the writer. To download the articles - pdf format - right-click on the appropriate image and select 'save target as' from the menu. This instruction might vary if you use a different Internet browser. Otherwise the article can be sent as an attachment by email on request. There are some short articles available at:

  • and at:
  • Richard Jefferies Visionary Naturalists Blog

  • The Dawn & Richard Jefferies

    A revised version of a lecture given to the Richard Jefferies Society at Swindon on Monday March 2nd 1981 by Andrew Rossabi.

    Download Dawn & RJ.pdf

    The Amateur Poacher

    A talk given by Mrs. Frances J. Gay to members of the Richard Jefferies Society on April 1st 1974.

    Download Amateur Poacher_Gay.pdf

    Richard Jefferies in Surrey

    A paper by Cyril F. Wright, former Hon. Secretary of the Richard Jefferies Society, presented at the Wyvern Theatre Arts Centre, Swindon at the Society’s meeting on Monday December 5th. 1977.

    Download RJ in Surrey.pdf

    Prophetic Landscapes

    Article published in 'Moment of Earth Poems and Essays in Honour of Jeremy Hooker,' ed. Christopher Meredith (Aberystwyth Celtic Studies Publication, 2007), reproduced here for the Richard Jefferies Society’s ‘Library of Talks and Articles’ (no 93) with the permission of Prof. Ebbatson.

    Download Prophetic landscapes.pdf

    Prophecy and Utopia: Richard Jefferies and the Transcendentalists

    Roger Ebbatson article. Published in 'The Glass', Spring 2007 & with the author’s permission to reprint.

    Download RJ & Transendentalists.pdf

    The Home and Haunts of Richard Jefferies

    This article by Darby Stafford was published in the 'English Illustrated Magazine' in 1905. It includes photographs of Coate Farm and Coate Water taken at that time.

    Download Homes & Haunts.pdf

    Audubon Magazine article 1948

    This article was published for an American audience in 1948 who may have been familiar with the work of Thoreau and Burroughs but not aware of the English counterpart - Richard Jefferies.

    Download AUDUBON 1948.pdf