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Richard Jefferies Society Journal

The principal aim of The Richard Jefferies Society Journal is to present material by Jefferies that has not been published or reprinted, or that is difficult to obtain, together with articles about Jefferies (commissioned or submitted), items of research and discovery, synopses of talks and lectures, book reviews, material relating to places that inspired Jefferies, and correspondence.

Journal contents

A list of the articles contained within the Journals. To download the articles - pdf format - right-click on the appropriate image and select 'save target as' from the menu. This instruction might vary if you use a different Internet browser. Otherwise the Journals can be sent as an attachment by email on request.

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No 1 - 1992

Alone in London… by Richard Jefferies/ T.T.T. by Richard Jefferies/ Greater Gardens by Richard Jefferies/ Lawn Preserves by Richard Jefferies/ Edward Thomas on the Country of Richard Jefferies by Andrew Rossabi/ Letter to W H Hudson by Edward Thomas/ Mouching Through Jefferies by Brian Rich/ Richard Jefferies and the Plesiosaur by Phyllis Treitel/ A Collector’s List of Jefferies Titles/

Download 1_Journal_1992.pdf

No 2 - 1993

Reporting; Editing & Authorship (Part) by Richard Jefferies/ English Socialists by Richard Jefferies/ The Future of Farming; letter to Times of 15 October 1873 by Richard Jefferies/ Jefferies’ Reading by W J Keith/ A Tribute to Bill Keith by Andrew Rossabi/ The Other Side: Visions of America by Phyllis Treitel/ Book Reviews: 1) Richard Jefferies. A Bibliographical Study. 2 ) Hodge & His Masters: a new edition/

Download 2_Journal_1993.pdf

No 3 - 1994

Reporting; Editing & Authorship (Part) by Richard Jefferies/ Chapters on Churches I by Richard Jefferies/ The Nude in London by Richard Jefferies/ Mound Restorers by Richard Jefferies/ The Bevis Country by Mark Daniel/ Book Reviews: 1) The Marlborough Downs. 2) Life of Henry David Thoreau

Download 3_Journal_1994.pdf

No 4 - 1995

Chapters on Churches II by Richard Jefferies/ January Notes by Richard Jefferies/ The Midnight Skate by Richard Jefferies/ The Fiction of Richard Jefferies by Edward Thomas/ On ‘The Scarlet Shawl’ by Andrew Rossabi/ ‘The Forward Life of Richard Jefferies’: A Personal Response by W J Keith

Download 4_Journal_1995.pdf

No 5 - 1996

A Book Review – ‘Sport & Nature in Scotland’ by Richard Jefferies/ Charles Jefferies by Nancie D Jefferies Cator/ An Uncomfortable Antiquary:Richard Jefferies and Victorian Local History by John Chandler/ History and Tradition in Richard Jefferies’ ‘Three Centuries at Home’ by J B Smith/ Jefferies and Cassell’s Family Magazine by W J Keith/ Book Review: Nearly out of Heart and Hope. Cyril Wright 1909-1995/ Index – Numbers 1-5

Download 5_Journal_1996.pdf

No 6 - 1997

Chapters on Churches (part 3) by Richard Jefferies/ The Dragon at Ashdown by Richard Jefferies/ Sun-spots by Richard Jefferies/ Richard Jefferies at Tolworth by Peter K Robins/ Voyage to the Unknown Island: an exploration of Richard Jefferies’ Bevis by Jonathan Calder

Download 6_Journal_1997.pdf

No 7 - 1998

The Gamekeeper’s Larder by John Watson – once thought to be by RJ but proved otherwise by RW 2/12/2010/ The Coming Voter by Richard Jefferies/ Richard Jefferies ‘The Coming Voter’ by Diana Morrow/ Richard Jefferies, Bevis and Children’s Literature by Peter Hunt

Download 7_Journal_1998.pdf

No 8 - 1999

Jack Brass, Emperor of England by Richard Jefferies/ Thoughts on the Labour Question by Richard Jefferies/ ‘Thoughts on the Labour Question’: An Alternative View by Diana Morrow/ Book Review: Writers in a Landscape.

Download 8_Journal_1999.pdf

No 9 - 2000

Richard Jefferies: A Personal Discovery by Jeremy Hooker/ Richard Jefferies in Germany by Peter Eyink/ Introduction to the German edition of ‘The Story of My Heart’ by Ellen Key/ Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by Andrew Rossabi/ Book Review: Wessex-Peter Tolhurst

Download 9_Journal_2000.pdf

No 10 - 2001

Chapters on Churches III by Richard Jefferies/ Richard Jefferies and Birds by W J Keith/ The Art and Craft of Richard Jefferies by John Savage/ Book Review: The English Path/ Index numbers 6-10

Download 10_Journal_2001.pdf

No 11 - 2002

In Summer Fields by John Watson – once thought to be by RJ but proved otherwise by RW 2/12/2010/ The Dewy Morn: Jefferies, Being and History by Roger Ebbatson/ Richard Jefferies and Thomas Hardy: Parallel Lives? by Carolyn Clarke/ Was ‘Dad’ Uzzell ever at Hodson Cottage? by Ken Watts/ Book Review: At Home on the Earth

Download 11_Journal_2002.pdf

No 12 - 2003

The Man of the Future by Richard Jefferies/ A Fragment of Manuscript by Richard Jefferies/ Could Richard Jefferies have been an Artist instead of a Writer? by Andrew Rossabi/ Time and Eternity in Jefferies’ Thought by Simon Coleman

Download 12_Journal_2003.pdf

No 13 - 2004

Selections from Richard Jefferies’ 1876 Notebook by John Pearson/ Margaret Thomas, Sculptor of the Bust of Richard Jefferies in Salisbury Cathedral by Kedrun Laurie/ Kisses of the Sun by Jo-Anne Smith

Download 13_Journal_2004.pdf

No 14 - 2005

Selections from Richard Jefferies’ 1876 Notebook by John Pearson/ Richard Jefferies’ Writing Criticised and Defended by Eric Jones/ Henry Williamson’s Debt to Richard Jefferies by Richard Stewart/ Book Review: Henry Williamson: A Bibliography

Download 14_Journal_2005.pdf

No 15 - 2006

Selections from Richard Jefferies’ 1876 Notebook by John Pearson/ Humanity and Natural History by Richard Jefferies/ Richard Jefferies: An Independent Mind by Hugoe Matthews/ Literary Landscapes, Richard Jefferies and the Planning Inspector by Mark Daniel/ Book Reviews: 1) Landscape, Writing and ‘The Condition of England’, 1878-1917, Ruskin to Modernism and 2) An Imaginary England. Nation, Landscape and Literature, 1840-1920/ Index numbers 11-15

Download 15_Journal_2006.pdf

No 16 - 2007

The Coming Woman by Richard Jefferies/ Richard Jefferies and the Nature Tradition by Brian Morris/ ‘Nature’ in the Works of Richard Jefferies by Chen Ying

Download 16_Journal_2007.pdf

No 17 - 2008

The Labourer and his Hire by Richard Jefferies/ The Gamekeeper away from Home by Eric Jones/ The Birds in Bevis by Michael Taylor/ Richard Jefferies and the Classics by Andrew Rossabi/ Book Review – Richard Jefferies and the Ecological Vision

Download 17_Journal_2008.pdf

No 18 - 2009

The Peripatetic Philosopher and the Boy Preacher by Richard Jefferies/ Who read Richard Jefferies? The evidence of the North fund subscription list by Kedrun Laurie/ The Healing Benefits of ‘Meadow Thoughts’ by George Leslie Irons/ Bevis’s American snap-shooter by Mark Daniel/ Poem ‘From some letters never sent’ by Neil Curry/ Book Review of Moment on Earth/ Book Review of Richard Jefferies: An Index

Download 18_Journal_2009.pdf

No 19 - 2010

The Power of the Farmers by Richard Jefferies/ Richard Jefferies: His Mark by Hugoe Matthews/ A letter from Alfred Williams to Jonathan Denwood/ Small Acorns: An Appreciation of the Early Fiction of Richard Jefferies by Margaret Evans/ Jefferies Discoveries by Rebecca Welshman/ Book Review The West Country: A Cultural History

Download 19_Journal_2010.pdf

No 20 - 2011 Spring

Machiavelli: a Study by Richard Jefferies/ Jefferies and Astronomy by Rebecca Welshman/ What Counts as Regional Writing by Eric Jones/ Bibliographical Discoveries by Rebecca Welshman/ His First Biographer: a Profile of Sir Walter Besant by Andrew Rossabi/ An Exchange of Letters between the Bishop of Salisbury and Walter Besant/ Book Review Richard Jefferies: An Anthology

Download 20_Journal_2011.pdf

No 21 - 2011 Autumn

‘Out of the Season’ by Richard Jefferies/ Transcript of Christine Billing’s address on the opening of the Richard Jefferies Museum at Coate, June 24, 1960/ The Jefferies Festival - 1911 by Kate Tryon/ ‘In Memory of Jefferies: a Pretty Ceremonial in Wiltshire’, The Observer, June 11, 1911/ ‘Richard Jefferies and Sport: the Pursuit of an Ideal’, Rebecca Welshman/ A note from Elizabeth Jefferies to her niece, Sarah Jane Gyde/ Book Review - Mapping the Wessex Novel: Landscape, History and the Parochial in British Literature, 1870-1940

Download 21_Journal_2011.pdf

No 22 - 2012 Spring

‘Kiss and Try: A Tale of St Valentine’ by Richard Jefferies/ ‘The Machine in the Wheatfield: Steam-Power in the Victorian Countryside’ by Roger Ebbatson/ Elizabeth Jefferies’ Letters to Sarah Jane Gyde by John Price/ Two letters from Richard Jefferies to Aunt Ellen Harrild/ Book Review – a new edition of Jefferies’ Wild Life in a Southern County with an introduction by Richard Mabey

Download 22_Journal_2012.pdf

No 23 - 2012 Summer

Concerning Coate. A letter from Richard Jefferies to Oswald Crawfurd/ ‘Saving Kennicott’s Grove: Successful Conservation at an American Coate’ by Eric Jones/ ‘Bevis and Arthur Ransome’s Swallowdale’ by Janice M. Lingley/ Memorial to Richard Oliver Launcelot Jefferies by Andrew Rossabi/ ‘From Drought to Storm: meteorological phenomena at the time of Jefferies’ Death’ by Rebecca Welshman/ Jefferies’ Centenary by E.J. Rogers/ From an Accident by a Runaway Horse (poem) by Mary Jefferies

Download 23_Journal_2012.pdf

No 24 - 2012 Winter

‘Idea for a new magazine’: a conspectus by Richard Jefferies/ ‘Phase-shifting’ by Amal El-Mohtar. Winning poem for RJS: Poetry Competition 2012./ ‘Curator of Ammonites’ – poem by Jill Sharp/ ‘Stugged’ – poem by Jos Smith/ ‘Women in the Field’, by Roger Ebbatson/ ‘Richard Jefferies, the nature writer as innocent Adam’ by Norman Chaney/ ‘Imagining Archaeology: Nature and Landscape in the Work of Richard Jefferies’ (Part I) by Rebecca Welshman./

Download 24_Journal_2012.pdf

No 25 - 2013 Summer

Notes about a Tricycle by Richard Jefferies with observations by Rebecca Welshman/ Letter about Richard Jefferies’ Father by Isabella Warde/ Owners of Jefferies’ Farm by Frances J. Gay/ Imagining Archaeology: Nature and Landscape in the Work of Richard Jefferies (Part Two) by Rebecca Welshman/ Book Review: The Rise of Maximin by Richard Jefferies by WJ Keith/ Index of Numbers 21-25

Download 25_Journal_2013.pdf

No 26 - 2014 Summer

Beatrice and the Centaur: A Fantasy by Richard Jefferies/ Introduction to ‘Beatrice and the Centaur’ by Samuel Looker/ The Windhover and Richard Jefferies by Roger Ebbatson/ Richard Jefferies and Bird Life by Brian Morris/ Sources of Protein for Rural People in Richard Jefferies’ Day by Eric Jones/ The price of flour in 1788 – letter to Richard Jefferies’ great grandfather from William Jefferies/ Letter to his mother by Richard Jefferies/ Jefferies praises Besant by Andrew Rossabi/ The Man in the Tumulus by J B Jones/ Book review: Roger Ebbatson’s Landscape and Literature 1830-1914/

Download 2014 RJSJournal_26.pdf

No 27 - 2014 Winter

Suez-Cide!! by Richard Jefferies/ Introduction to ‘The Goose-Girl’ by Andrew Rossabi/ ‘The Goose-Girl. A Tale of the Year 1999’ by Eliza Keary/‘Jefferies Land’ and Kipling’s Puck of Pook’s Hill Stories (Part 1) by Janice Lingley /Melancholy Accident at the Coate Reservoir by Andrew Rossabi/ Jefferies à la Carte by Peter Robins/Book Review: Eric Jones’ 'Revealed Biodiversity'.

Download web_RJSJournal_27.pdf

No 28 - 2015 Summer

A Little Stream by Richard Jefferies/ Jefferies’ Convolvulus – pencil sketch by Richard Jefferies/ Richard Jefferies’ Broomrape Sketch by John Price/ Two letters to Samuel Looker by Phyllis Hargrave/ ‘Jefferies’ Land’ and Kipling’s Puck of Pook’s Hill Stories (Part 2) by Janice Lingley/ The Marabar Echo: Forster and Jefferies by Roger Ebbatson/ W. E. Henley on Jefferies by W. E. Henley/ Afterword about W. E. Henley by Peter Robins/ Richard Jefferies and the Metaphysics of Wild Flowers by Rosamond Richardson

Download RJSJournal_28_summer2015.pdf

No 29 - 2015 Winter

The Monkbourne Mystery by Richard Jefferies/ The Grave of the Last Abbot by Richard Jefferies/ The Gothic Jefferies by George Miller/ William Strang: The Jefferies Portrait by Peter Robins/ The Story of The Scarlet Shawl by George Miller/ Richard Jefferies: the Sensation Novel, and George Gissing’s New Grub Street by Andrew Rossabi

Download winter 2015 RJSJournal_29.pdf

No 30 - 2016 Summer

Choice and Description of Guns by Richard Jefferies/ The Shooting Book by George Miller/ Broad Church Transcendalism? Remarks on the Lost essays of Richard Jefferies by Simone Kotva/ Woman in the Works of Richard Jefferies by Caroline A Foley/ Afterword about Caroline A Foley by Peter Robins/ Richard Jefferies, Journalist by Barry Sloan/ Index to Journals 26-30

Download Journal_Summer 2016_30.pdf

No 31 - 2016 Winter

Sipping the Season by Richard Jefferies/ After London: unfinished masterpiece? by George Miller/ Jefferies’ London by Simon Coleman/ Richard Jefferies: Nature Near London by Naomi Racz/ To Richard Jefferies by Julian Bell/ Marsh Birds Pass Over London by Julian Bell/ Julian Bell: Bloomsbury Poet by Peter Robins/ Review of Jeremy Hooker’s Scattered Light by Richard Stewart/ Review of Richard Jefferies’ Ben Tubbs Adventures and The Farmer’s World by Jeremy Hooker

Download Journal_Winter 2016_31.pdf

No 32 - 2017 Summer (to be published June 2017)

130th Anniversary Edition (pb. 200pp., £7)

On Allotment Gardens by Richard Jefferies

Pasture and Population by Richard Jefferies

The Dawn and Richard Jefferies by Andrew Rossabi

The Later Richard Jefferies Speaks by Samuel J. Looker

The Grey Walls Press by Peter Robins

Helen Thomas’s Letter to Samuel Looker

Edward Thomas: Prose into Poetry by Richard Stewart

Richard Jefferies by Lisle March Phillipps

‘The Great Earth Speaking’: Richard Jefferies and the Transcendentalists by Roger Ebbatson

Richard Jefferies: Liddington Castle by Charles Hamilton Sorley (poem)

John, Alice and ‘Squire’ Brook by George Miller

George Baxter by Jean Saunders

Richard Jefferies and John William North by Steve P. Milton

Richard Jefferies: the Tender Mercies of a Great  Naturalist by Arthur Harvie

Lore, Legend and Literary Allusion in Greene Ferne Farm by Janice M. Lingley

  Richard Jefferies by Mary Geoghegan (poem)

Thinking our way to a Greener Future: New Horizons for the Study of Literature and Sustainability by Rebecca Welshman

Richard Jefferies by anonymous (poem)

Sketches from Jefferies’ Notebook VI (wild succory and bryony)

Book Review: Diary of a Stroke by Jeremy Hooker (review by Roger Ebbatson)

Book Review: Middle Ridgeway by E. Jones & P. Dillon (review by Janice M. Lingley)