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Richard Jefferies: An Anthology



Richard Jefferies (1848-1887) is best known for his nature and countryside writing. This new anthology, selected by Hugoe Matthews and Rebecca Welshman, aims to highlight the broad, exploratory, and sometimes unpredictable nature of Jefferies’ writing. The authors have focused primarily on short quotations which read well independently, and longer passages which demonstrate the context, the quality of the writing, or the flow of Richard Jefferies’ thoughts and observations. Where possible the selections are chronological and show a shift in the emphasis of his work from the 1870s, which focused largely on practical subjects such as farming and rural life, to his later work of increased sensitivity and perception of the natural world. Thereby they have sought to reveal the organic continuity and calm objectivity of Jefferies’ writing, which was present from his teens and addressed a diversity of subjects during an extraordinary era of change, illuminating both the man behind the words, and the times in which he lived.

The Anthology is published in a case-bound, thread-sewn book of 266 pages.

The publication release date of 6 November 2010 celebrates 162 years since the author was born.  

ISBN: 978-0-9563751-2-4.

Price £20 (plus postage: £2.50 UK, £5.50 shipping overseas)

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The Editor of Country Tales writes:
'Books about Jefferies are not uncommon but this compilation of excerpts from his writing is one of the best I've seen, with plenty of vivid descriptions:
'When the sedge-reedling returns with the nightingale, he will find the willow stoles bare.'
'Imagine the child's delight - the fields to roam in - liberty - the great dog.  No matter how fortunate their circumstances, children in cities never know the joyousness of the country.'
For any lover of the English countryside, Richard Jefferies is essential reading.  This book is highly recommended.  D.H.

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